HR Advice for New Businesses and Start-ups

As the owner of a new business or start-up, you might find yourself spending more time than expected on various tasks that an HR department would do. Between managing ever-changing labour laws and existing employment standards, the responsibilities of an employer continue to grow. The question is, where should you begin?

At Employer Line, our commitment is to help employers who are just starting out or trying to grow. We offer new business and start-up advice related to human resources and employee management. This way, you can concentrate more on your business and what made you set up shop in the first place.

What are the benefits of professional HR advice for new businesses and start-ups?

When it comes to outsourcing part of your business for profitability and efficiency, it makes sense to start with your HR department. As a new business or start-up, whether you subcontract your HR function entirely or in part, there are many benefits that external HR support can provide, including:

  • Cost savings
  • Risk management
  • Support with labour law compliance
  • Reduced administrative HR responsibilities
  • Increased efficiency and response turnaround
  • Access to online HR software
  • Increased focus on your core business

As a business owner, you already have many decisions worry about. HR outsourcing is an investment that can help you grow your business effectively.

Complimentary HR Advice for New Businesses and Start-ups

How can we support you to help you grow your business? Employer Line provides HR advice in all areas of human resources management, including these common employment topics:

  • Employment Standards Act (ESA)
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Human Rights Code
  • Labour Relations
  • Occupational Health and Safety

If you’re wondering how to approach human resources for your business, call our complimentary HR advice line. This free service is dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. Call 1 (888) 219-8767 and ask how we can support your new business or start-up with the right HR advice.