Injury Reporting Advice For Employers

While as an employer you take all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of your employees, sometime injuries and illness happens. It is very important to have the correct policies in place to effectively respond if an injury happens. It is also helpful to have a policy on modified work opportunities to help injured employees return to work safely.

What You Need To Know?

If an employee develops an illness or injury while at work, employers must respond promptly and get them the medical care they need. You must also report the injury to the workers’ compensation board in your province within the required reporting time frame. There are also other consideration employers should take into account;

  • Communicate policy and modified work arrangements to employees
  • Keeping medical record confidential
  • Changing practices to improve health & safety
  • Updating contracts and employee manuals to include injury and illness reporting

It can be daunting when this happens in your workplace, but we are here to help. Our experts can help you mitigate risks and have the correct procedures in place if the worst happens

Advice on Injury Reporting

Are you uncertain about how injury and illness reporting will affect your business? Call Employer Line at 1-888-219-8767 to speak with our HR experts. We’re available to help business owners and support you with this transition with Alberta’s changing workplace laws