Reopening Business Advice

With the government moving into phases to ease lockdown, you need to prepare your business to reopen. And that means thinking about your staff levels.

Which employees should you bring back from temporary layoff first? Do you need to change hours of work? And how do you act NOW to reduce staff costs?

Help is here with fast and free HR advice from Employerline, Canada’s leading HR helpline.

Call now to find out:

  • How to bring your staff back from layoff.
  • What you need to do NOW to reduce staff working hours—legally.
  • Whether you need to make changes to your workspace to protect staff health & safety
  • The rules on changing staff contracts to cut overhead costs.
  • And how to make lay-offs, without risking legal action

Call our free HR advice line today with questions about British Columbia’s labour laws. Employer Line can help: 1 (833) 200 5103.