When is notice of termination needed?

There is no easy way to terminate a person’s employment. But by following BC’s guidelines and consulting with HR experts, you can avoid costly mistakes that could result from a dismissal.

Employers in BC can let their staff go without cause (for non-discriminatory reasons) as long as they give a written notice of termination. Doing so helps you lower the risk of wrongful terminations and protects your business.

Do you have to give termination notice?

The rules for termination are set by BC’s Employment Standards Act (ESA). It outlines that employers must give notice (with some exceptions) before dismissing staff. Workers can also be given pay in lieu of work based on length of service, or a combination of both.

Notices are cancelled if an employee keeps working after the notice period ends. Since they are still employed, you will have to give a new notice to end their job.

What to keep in mind when terminating employment in BC.

The ESA sets the rules for terminating workers. The most relevant for employers are:

  • Written notice should let workers know the date their employment ends on.
  • Employees must be able to work/earn income during the notice period.
  • Once notice is given, roles can’t be changed without a worker’s written agreement (e.g., lowering hours or pay).
  • Notice cannot begin if an employee is on vacation, leave, temporary layoff, strike or lockout or is absent due to medical reasons.

A termination notice is a legal document. Getting any part of it wrong can be costly down the road. It is vital you have it carefully written and reviewed by an expert to ensure you are compliant.

If you need support with writing notices or meeting BC’s standards, our friendly HR advisors are here to help.

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