Work Refusal Rights

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on Canada’s economy. Employers have been forced to change their business operations to address this challenge. One in particular that has grown in complexity through this time, is work refusals.

Many employers are dealing with issues such as:

  • Employees not wanting to come into work due to the health risk; or
  • Employees claiming to be sick to avoid having to work from a public location

Although businesses are being advised to have employees work from home; these can still be major issues for businesses deemed essential services.

What do employers need to know about work refusal?

Employers need to know the rights and responsibilities of the employee, as well as their own rights and responsibilities regarding work refusal. Addressing a work refusal should involve:

  1. The employer/supervisor investigates the work situation in the presence of the employee and a worker safety representative.
  2. After the investigation, the employer should strive to work with the concerned employee to create a work situation, both parties are comfortable with.

If you are an employer questioning any of the following:

  • Whether a worker has adequate grounds for a refusal to work?
  • What your employer obligation is to resolve the issue?
  • Whether you have the right to ask the employee to continue working?

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