Bill C-86 Pay Equity Act

The implementation of the Pay Equity Act is an important part of the of Canada’s commitment to close the gender wage gap and ensure that workers receive equal pay for work. It will put into place long-term, sustainable changes that will ensure that women’s work is valued and compensated fairly. This is especially significant as the Government of Canada works to ensure an inclusive economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, what does this mean for you? And how does this affect your business?

What’s Next For Employers?

Once in force (August 31st, 2021), employers with 10 or more employees will have three years to develop and implement their proactive pay equity plans. The Pay Equity Commissioner will be responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Act and its Regulations. Now is the time to make sure some of the following areas are covered so your business does not suffer negative impacts:

  • Updating contracts and documentation to meet legislation.
  • Educating staff on what this will mean for their contracts moving forward.

Having the right policies helps your workplace stay compliant and keeps your business protected moving forward.

Make Sure You’re business is compliant.

Managing legislation changes isn’t easy. If you’re unsure about how to update policies and procedures, our HR experts can help.

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