The Ontario Ministry of Labour

As a small business owner in Ontario, it is important that you understand how the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) affects your business.  

The Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development oversees labour relations and is responsible for enforcing two key laws — the Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA) and the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). 

Provincially regulated workplaces must operate in compliance with the MOL regulations. Non-compliance with the law could result in penalties, fines, and prosecution. Our experts can help you prepare for and pass MOL workplace inspections with ease. We’ll ensure you are checking off the right boxes and fulfilling your obligations as an employer. 

The Ontario Ministry of Labour and Employment Standards 

The Employment Standards Act (ESA) is the main employment legislation that regulates employment in Ontario. The Ministry of Labour Ontario promotes voluntary compliance with the ESA by providing information resources for employers and employees. It also enforces compliance through inspection of workplaces, payroll records, and investigation of employee claims and complaints.   

If an employer violates an employee’s rights under the ESA (for example, denying a leave of absence, paying incorrect wages), the employee can file a complaint with the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Certain appeals and applications under the ESA and OHSA can also be made to the Ontario Labour Relations Board. 

If found guilty, the employer will be asked to correct the violation. Depending on the violation, the employer may also be prosecuted.   

Ontario Ministry of Labour and Workplace Inspections 

The Ministry of Labour Ontario conducts regular workplace inspections to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA).  

MOL health & safety inspectors conduct inspections, issue fines and orders, and can carry out prosecutions. Health & safety inspections are of two types: 

Proactive: These are regular health & safety audits to ensure compliance with OHSA – and are typically unannounced.  

Reactive: These are in response to a complaint or a workplace incident (work refusal, critical injury, occupational illnesses, etc.) 

Businesses found non-compliant with the OHSA may be fined up to $1,500,000.  

Do you have questions about how the Ministry of Labour impacts your business? 

Our experts can answer any questions you may have about the Ministry of Labour in Ontario. We can help you stay compliant with the Ministry of Labour rules and regulations. Our experts will ensure your policies and procedures are watertight and up to date. 

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