Updates to Paid Sick Leave Legislation

The Ontario Government is putting forth new legislation, The COVID-19 Putting Workers First Act requires employers to provide paid sick days to their staff.

Under the new act, employers will have to pay employees up to $200 a day, for up to three days. These three days do not have to be taken consecutively.

COVID-19 Putting Workers First Act Requirements

Workers will not need to provide a doctor note to take the leave. There are also specific conditions for when sick days can be given. The reasons must be related to COVID-19 and include:

  • Getting a COVID-19 test.
  • Staying home awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test.
  • Being sick with COVID-19.
  • Getting vaccinated.
  • Experiencing side effects due to the vaccine.
  • Being advised to self-isolate due to COVID-19 by an employer, medical practitioner, or other authority.
  • Caring for a dependent who is:
    • Sick with or has symptoms of COVID-19; or
    • Self-isolating due to COVID-19.

Further, not every worker is covered. Only employees covered by the Employment Standards Act (ESA) and those who don’t already have paid sick time through their employer are eligible.

Unsure of your rights as an employer regarding sick leave?

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