Employer Wage Subsidy Advice

With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to grow in Canada, the federal government has created an Employer Wage Subsidy, to prevent employers from having to lay off workers during this time of economic hardship.

How Does the Employer Wage Subsidy Work?

It is important that employers in Ontario understand the rules surrounding the wage subsidy, to avoid delaying relief to their organization.

The Employer Wage Subsidy will assist qualifying employers in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have questions on:

• When the government is expected to have this relief ready
• What is the maximum wage subsidy you can expect to receive; or
• How to start the process of recalling staff

Call our expert HR advisers free today and get instant insights on the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, PLUS, learn about the proper policies and procedures that best protect your business.

Coronavirus business advice

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