Paying Wages 


When it comes to paying wages, most employers in British Columbia must adhere to the mandatory requirements outlined in B.C.’s Employment Standards Act. This includes the obligation to maintain payroll records and pay employees correctly 

Minimum Wage

Employers must pay employees at least the minimum wage rate. Currently, B.C.’s general minimum wage is $15.20 per hour 


Under B.C.’s Employment Standards Actpay periods may not exceed 16 days. In fact, employees have the right to be paid at least twice a month. All wages earned in a pay period must be paid out within eight days after the end of the period. Annual vacation pay and wages in an employee’s time bank do not need to be paid within the pay period. 

Employees must receive compensation in the form of cash, cheque, bank draft, money order or direct deposit. All wages must be paid in Canadian currency. 

Wage Statements 

Employers must provide employees with a written statement of wages. This means that employees are to receive pay stubs for every pay period. The wage statement must contain all of the information below: 

  • Employer’s name and address 
  • Employee’s regular hours worked and overtime hours worked 
  • Employee’s regular wage rate and overtime wage rate 
  • Any money, allowance or other payment the employee is entitled to 
  • Deduction amount and reason for the deduction 
  • Employee’s gross and net wages 
  • Employee’s time bank 

Have questions about paying wages? 

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