Guide Summary


Bill 8, Employment Standards Amendment Act, received Royal Assent on May 30, 2019. While not all the changes have yet come into effect, small businesses in British Columbia are affected by the new legislation. Employers now have additional obligations to their employees in areas such as statutory leaves of absence, tips and gratuities and record keeping.

Employers must stay up to date as the remaining changes come into effect. Staying compliant with the Employment Standards Act (ESA) is crucial for managing you employees correctly and protecting your business. Use this guide to get an overview of the biggest changes made to the ESA by Bill 8.

For further clarification on how these amendments apply to your business, speak with our HR advisors. Our experts can help you understand Bill 8 in greater detail and how you should amend your business practices in line with the new legislation. Contact us today: 1-888-219-8767.