How do Manitoba’s Labour Services Impact Your Business?

Manitoba’s Division of Labour is responsible for the effective delivery of programs and services related to workplace safety and health, employment standards, labour relations, and public safety.

Who handles labour relations in Manitoba?

The following agencies administer and oversee labour relations in Manitoba:

  1. Employment Standards (ES) is a third-party regulatory body promoting compliance with minimum employment standards legislation. Their office conducts proactive services to protect vulnerable workers.
  2. Manitoba Labour Board (MLB) is an independent tribunal responsible for the administration of responsibilities under Manitoba’s labour laws.
  3. Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) promotes safety and health in Manitoba’s workplaces to help prevent & reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries or disease.
  4. Workplace Safety and Health (WS&H) enforces The Workplace Safety and Health Act. They run inspections and investigations to improve compliance.

These agencies strive to protect workers and their rights. Each administers and enforces legislation, education, and compliance. They all align with the strategic direction of the Minister of Labour and the Government of Manitoba.

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What small business owners need to know about Manitoba’s Labour Services

When it comes to owning a small business, you must understand and comply with the rules & regulations set out by the Division of Labour. This includes workplace health and safety, employment standards, and employee rights. While this is essential to a business of any size, small business owners are at a higher risk of loss. Especially as legislation is ever-changing, and fines for non-compliance can run as high as $10,000.

The government’s key initiative is to protect workers with a modern labour environment. This means providing a safe, fair, and healthy workplace. What are you doing to ensure your business is set up for success? Ask Employer Line’s team of HR professionals for advice. We’re here to help you proceed with business as usual.

Around-the-clock advice on Manitoba’s regulatory services

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