Human Resources for Small Businesses

Have you found yourself in a difficult employee situation and wish you had a HR department to consult?

With Employer Line, you do have the support of an in-house HR team. No matter how large or small your employee issue is, we can help you with the right advice when it comes to HR best practices. If you’re looking for proper documents to develop your company’s policies and procedures, we can provide you with custom templates so that you can keep on with your day-to-day business.

Why is human resources important?

HR is valuable for businesses, no matter the employee size. Besides employment advice, HR helps to develop your workplace policies, manage employee benefits, and most importantly, grow your business. Check out the links below for common questions, employer advice, and quick facts when it comes to human resources. If that’s not enough, browse our Employer Guides for free resource downloads. Don’t spend your time searching for answers, ask our employment standards experts and HR advisors, and allocate that time to develop other areas of your business instead.

If you're wondering who to call for HR advice, just call Employer Line.

Our employer helpline is complimentary; just call 1-888-219-8767. We'll connect you with Peninsula, who has HR experts on hand to find you a direct solution. Let us help you grow your business.