Nova Scotia’s Department of Labour and Labour Standards Division

Nova Scotia’s Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration is responsible for making sure people are working safely and know their rights.

Understanding the Department of Labour as a small business owner

When it comes to owning a small business, you must recognize, understand, and comply with the rules and regulations established by the Department of Labour. This includes legislation around workplace health and safety, employment standards, and employee rights. While this is essential to a business of any size, small business owners are at a higher risk of loss.

With that, the Department of Labour has a key initiative to protect workers with a modern and balanced labour environment. This means providing a safe, fair, and healthy workplace. What are you doing to ensure your business is set up for success? Ask Employer Line’s team of HR professionals for advice. We’re here to help prepare, prevent, and proceed with business as usual.

Labour Standards Division and your business.

The Department is also responsible for running the Labour Standards Division. The Division handles most employment and labour issues in Nova Scotia. The Divison administers the Labour Standards Code (LSC) in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Providing awareness sessions and presentations.
  • Investigating and resolving labour complaints.
  • Auditing pay and recruitment records.

However, the LSC is complicated and not all employees are covered by it. If you have any questions, get in touch with Employer Line’s experts today.

How the Labour Standards Divisions impacts small businesses

As an employer, it is important to understand the function and purpose of the LSC as well as how the Divison may interact with your business.

In the event of an inspection or investigation by a labour standards officer, you may be asked to provide a list of records and other documents for inspection. Let us help you prepare and proceed with business while fulfilling your obligations as an employer.

Around-the-clock advice on the Department of Labour

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Whether you have a question about the LSC or another employment-related concern, we can guide you with best practices for your small business.