Cannabis in the Workplace

Canada legalized cannabis on October 17, 2018. As such, the Government of Saskatchewan has taken on certain responsibilities for activities regarding the use of cannabis. This includes:

  • Impaired driving
  • Public health
  • Education
  • Taxation
  • Workplace safety
  • Distribution and wholesaling
  • Retail location and rules
  • Regulatory compliance
  • And public consumption, among others.

As an employer, you must be aware of your duty to maintain a safe work environment. This involves properly addressing cannabis in the workplace and ensuring your staff and business are compliant.

Here’s what employers need to know about cannabis in Saskatchewan.

You have a number of duties you must meet to stay compliant with regulations for cannabis in the workplace. Chief among these is your duty to a safe and healthy work environment for your workers. Which begins with having a clearly laid out policy regarding cannabis. Your policy should include items such as:

  • Actions to take if an employee contravenes this policy.
  • How to approach suspected or reported allegations of impairment.
  • Recordkeeping, controls, and safety training.

You should also ensure your staff has access to education and resources to stay safe. And any new policies or changes should be communicated to ensure everyone is on the same page in your business.

What does cannabis legalization mean for employers?

To protect your small business, you should have policies and documentation in place. This means writing a clear policy addressing impairment and handling at work. Doing so allows you to manage cannabis in the workplace and keep your staff safe.

If you haven’t already, you should review your workplace policy as soon as you can. They should be revised to meet current standards. They should also clearly outline alcohol, tobacco, and controlled substance use at work.

If you need advice on writing an ironclad policy to protect your staff and your business, call Employer Line’s experts today.

Ask us for help with your cannabis in the workplace policy.

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